Urban Biodiversity & Eco-garden Design

Urban Biodiversity referred to all animal and plant communities occurring in the urban areas. We may find that even at the centre of an urban area, there are still some wildlife or self-colonised plants are found, though usually they are belonged to species with high tolerance.

There has been an increasing trend to promote Urban Biodiversity. The Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (BSAP) released by HKSAR has included “Promote Biodiversity in Urban Environment” as Action 10 of the Action Plan. Urban Biodiversity is among one of the key components in the “Guidebook to Sustainable Built Environment in Hong Kong” currently under preparation by Hong Kong Green Building Council, and also to be implemented in government’s new developments.

Ecosystems Limited has extensive experience on urban biodiversity, from understanding the interactions bewteen the built environment and the wildlife, incoporation of urban biodiversity design in buildings/structures, to creation of suitable habitats for wildlife inside urban areas. These include the design of several pioneered Eco-gardens in estates managed by Housing Authority.

  • Design and Ecological monitoring of Eco-garden of Sau Mau Ping South Estate
  • Ecological Survey, Assessment and Design for the Simulated Wetland Ecological Garden, Public Housing Redevelopment at Tung Tau Estate Phase 9
  • Ecological Survey and Studies for Eco-garden Design for Public Housing Development at Sha Tin Area 52 Shui Chuen O
  • Consultancy for Long-term Ecological Management Plan for Ma Hang Headland Park at Stanley