Company Description

Ecosystems Ltd. is an independent consulting firm founded in 1993 to provide ecological consulting services in the East and South-East Asian region. Our vision is to provide development proponents and decision makers with the information needed to make ecologically sound decisions, and to ensure that ecological considerations are kept at the centre of the planning and development process, as the underpinning of environmental, economic, cultural and social stability. Our philosophy is based on the conviction that conservation and development are not necessarily contradictory goals and that, with rational planning and guidance, development can proceed without threatening biodiversity or ecosystem sustainability.

The firm has provided consulting services on over 400 projects and studies in the public and private sector, including feasibility studies, planning studies, Environmental Impact Assessments, conservation management plans, ecological restoration projects, and wildlife research. Ecosystems Ltd. has pioneered new approaches to habitat protection, habitat restoration and ecologically sensitive infrastructure design in Hong Kong.

Clients of the firm include government departments, multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, conservation groups, and registered charities. Countries and regions of work experience include Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand.