Design of “Ecological Area” in Lok Ma Chau Loop

As part of the services under “Development of Lok Ma Chau Loop: Land Decontamination and Advance Engineering Works – Design and Construction”, this project aims to provide an “Ecological Area” (EA) of 12.78ha with reedbed and marsh to compensate the loss of wetland habitats due to the proposed development in the Lok Ma Chau Loop (LMC Loop).  This EA zone is constructed on the southern fringe of the LMC Loop prior to total clearance of reed marsh in the LMC Loop.

Ecological surveys were performed to update the baseline abundance of the target fauna species, which included mammal, bird, herpetofauna and dragonfly.  Birds in the reedbed were surveyed using mist netting method.  Infra-red camera was used to survey medium-sized mammal in the LMC Loop.  Coverage of reedbed was updated using photos taken using drone.  A “Habitat Creation and Management Plan” for the EA was then prepared with details on the design of the created wetland, the management regime, and target species.