Airport Bird Control

Ecosystems Ltd. provided professional service on bird control in the Hong Kong International Airport, including review of Hong Kong International Airport Approved Plant Species List (HKIA APSL), trend of bird abundance in HKIA, bird strike event, effectiveness of bird dispersal devices, landscape maintenance practice. Regular site patrol was performed to detect any condition or factor potentially causing bird aggregation in the airport environment will attract birds and hence increase the risk of bird collision.  Recommendations on to minimise bird hazards at the HKIA were provided regularly. Continue reading Airport Bird Control

Feral dogs

We are appointed by AFCD to monitor populations of feral dogs in Hong Kong at sites where TNR trials are conducting by two NGOs. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and and Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA), propose to implement a trap-neuter-release (TNR) program over three years at selected sites in Hong Kong on a trial basis to demonstrate the effectiveness of this technology for reducing numbers of feral dogs.The objective of the study is to monitor the quantitative effectiveness of the proposed TNR program through periodic estimation of feral dog populations at the selected TNR locations. We … Continue reading Feral dogs

Feral Cattle and Buffalo in Hong Kong

Ecosystems Ltd. was appointed by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to commence a series of studies on feral cattle and buffalo.  Our tasks included systematic field surveys and GIS technology for analysis of population and age structure of each species, quantification of their distribution, movement and density in selected hotspots, population modeling and forecast as well as recommendations for management strategies. The GPS collar study is a follow-up study to provide more detailed information on cattle movements and habitat preferences to aid development of management strategies for feral cattle.  It is aimed, through tracking of GPS-instrumented cattle, to assess the … Continue reading Feral Cattle and Buffalo in Hong Kong