Tung Chung New Town Extension

In order to meet the population target, a consultancy study on Planning and Engineering Study on the Remaining Development in Tung Chung – Feasibility Study was conducted. The project involved both a proposed reclamation in north Lantau waters to the east of Tung Chung New Town as well as development clusters inside Tung Chung Valley.  Ecosystems Limited was appointed as the ecological consultant of the project team.

A number of sites and species of conservation importance are identified in and near Tung Chung valley and north Lantau waters. For instance, Tung Chung Stream is considered of high conservation value, which is regarded as the second-most species-rich stream in the Territory and is also one of the Ecologically Important Stream/River (EIS) in Hong Kong.  Some rare freshwater fishes such as Acrossocheilus beijiangensis can be found there.  Endemic species Romer’s Tree Frog is an endangered species according to IUCN Red List Category and under protection of local ordinance, can also be found in Tung Chung valley.

Tung Chung Bay harbours the largest seagrass area on Lantau San Tau Beach SSSI, which is also one of the three recognized horseshoe crab nursery sites in Hong Kong.  

Mitigation measures were proposed to alleviate the ecological impacts, including avoidance of reclamation in the Tung Chung Bay, creation of eco-shorelines along reclamation areas, provision of buffer area to Tung Chung Stream to protect the Ecologically Important Stream; as well as translocation of Romer’s Tree Frog from inevitably affected areas to suitable habitats.