Black-faced Spoonbill

Census in Asia region 1993 – 2002

Ecosystems Ltd coordinated the first census study to estimate world population of the endangered Black-faced Spoonbill Platalea minor, and to identify and assess wintering and migration stopover sites, as well as develped the initial contact network of spoonbill researchers in differnet countries for this long-term census.  The project was supported in 1994-95 by World Nature Association, a non-profit conservation organisation based in the USA.  The project continued through 2002 with funding from Ecosystems Ltd before being handed over to a Hong Kong-based NGO.

The project supported biologists in China and Vietnam, and coordinated census and collated data from these countries and from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.  Assessed and ranked the conservation status of the wintering/stopover sites and threats to each, and identified actions required to protect each site. 

Ecosystems Ltd. expresses its deep appreciation to all contributors to the census effort, including the groups and individuals that have censused Black-faced Spoonbills and provided support and information in the census effort over the years.

Assessment of Age Structure of Wintering Black-faced Spoonbill in Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve, Hong Kong

Ecosystems Ltd also worked for studies commissioned by AFCD to assess the ratio of adult and non-adult of Black-faced Spoonbills wintering in Hong Kong.  Mai Po Nature Reserve is one of the most important wintering sites of this species.  About a quarter of the global population overwinter in this reserve every year.  The objectives of the study were to determine the relative proportions of adult and non-adult birds in the Black-faced Spoonbill population at Mai Po Nature Reserve through photographic records of color of primary feathers and then determine the population health of this global endangered species.